Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stuck on Jesus

Sara's zone during the sunflower and monkey festival
Sister Josephson with Sister Webb
December 1, 2009
Hi everyone!! It's been another great week!!
We got some good news about Som - she moved up to her new city where there were no missionaries and no church but couldn't find a job and really didn't like it. So she has decided to move in with her older brother who lives in Bangkok. Obviously there are tons of churches and tons of missionaries there. She also wants to keep going to church. That was really exciting. We met her to teach her one last time on Monday. We shared a scripture with her - Mosiah 4:9-12, and testified about how much God loved her. I was about to bawl pretty much the whole time. I hope she doesn't forget about God and what He has done for her.
We also had a really great week with Ruay. We stopped by her house to talk to her last night and we ended up talking for 30 minutes and she said some pretty awesome stuff. She said that when she compared her life since she started learning with us to her life before, it was like "black and white". She also said she is addicted to reading the Book of Mormon - she is already in 2 Nephi 12. Which means she has hit the Isaiah chapters so she is really confused but when she hits Jacob and Mosiah it is going to blow her out of the water. She also said that she is "tid" on Jesus. This word doesn't really have a great English translation - it can mean addicted or stuck to or that you need it. She is so awesome.
We had two new investigators kind of fall into our laps yesterday. One of our members has been inviting - she talks to people around her neighborhood and took us to meet a lady that she thought was interested and when we got there, there was another lady too. So we talked to them and they both have become investigators. This member is really awesome - she was a missionary in Thailand a long time ago but now has some really bizarre health problems and isn't quite all there and can't come to church very often, but she still loves the gospel and loves sharing it. I wish all members were like that.
Love you all!
Sister Webb