Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A pretty stellar week!

So it has been quite a week here in Korat. Lets just say that we have doubled our progressing investigators and our investigators with a baptismal date. That should give you a hint.
We started teaching a really cute little family - a mom, a daughter, and a son. They are adorable. We invited the daughter and she said we could come back and teach her family but we didn't have super high hopes - it was kind of a random invite. But when we came back, they were there. The son is adorable. He is 12 and he sits and listens to the lessons like he is 30. He has all sorts of great questions - we were teaching about prophets and we said that God chooses the prophet and he asked how Thomas S. Monson knows that God chose him. Good question. Then he was like "Does this guy know he is the prophet?" He is so cute. Then he went through all the pictures in the BOM and asked if each person was "Jesus, a prophet, or an apostle?" They are awesome. We are really excited about them. Our other little family is still doing great - the one with a mom and four kids. They were out of town for church this week but we think they will come next week.
At church yesterday we basically got two baptisms handed to us on a silver platter. These two kids came in with their grandparents and the grandpa was talking to us and told us that he wanted us to teach them - ok, can do. Then he told us that they had been going to church in another branch and had already learned a lot so he wanted them to get baptized. So we sit down with them to teach them and we taught the restoration and they both said that they already believed it "100%" We set up a baptismal date for a month from now. Unfortunately we can only teach them on Sundays because they live really far away. Apparently their house is right in between Korat and another branch and so they have been going to the other branch but have decided to come to Korat. We were pretty excited, to say the least. They are really cute kids - the boy is 13 and the girl is 12. We don't mind having baptisms handed to us.
- the rainy season has started here. It rains every day at about 3-5 ish. Usually it is one big burst. If you are unlucky enough to be on your bike for the big burst, it makes for an uncomfortable rest of the day. But it is nice because it is significantly cooler. It just makes it hard because a lot of people won't show up for appointments if it is raining. I have been pretty wet and pretty muddy lately. But I prefer it to 120 degree weather.
As you can see, it was a pretty stellar week. We found tons of new investigators again and have been really blessed in that area. Sister Christensen and I are having a blast. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Webb