Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucky Ducks

November 7, 2010
We have had a great week this week! We actually taught the gospel a little bit. That was great stuff. Lets start with our sweet new investigator - a lady named Wanna. We invited her last week and it was one of those really easy invites - hi we are missionaries. Do you want to learn more? Yes. Ok. Can we come back on Tuesday? Yes. Ok. Sounds lovely. So we went back on Tuesday and this lady is adorable. She is in her 40s and single and she lives with and takes care of an older couple. She was all over the first lesson - so in the second we committed her to baptism and she accepted. She is awesome. We might have a bit of a problem with church of course. She takes care of these old people who have doctors appointments like every 2 minutes. So yesterday she had to take them to the eye doctor but she said she can go next week. Anyways - she is pretty cool. We are excited about her. We also had another cool experience that day - we were inviting and a girl said that her friend really wanted to be Christian - and that she would be at her house the next day. So we went back the next day not really knowing what to expect. We honestly weren't really expecting anything, to be honest. But she was there and really excited. She is a Burmese refugee but she speaks Thai. She has believed in Christ for a really long time but hasn't known how to become a Christian. After all this excitement we found out that she actually doesn't live in our area. Bummer. But we gave a really sweet referral to the Asoke Elders. Lucky Ducks.
Yesterday at church we had three "walk-ins" - people just wanting to check it out. That happens a lot here because the church is out on a huge street - prime location. These three are AWESOME! We taught them last night and I am really excited about them. They are relatives of some sort and live in the same house together. One had their little grandson with them. Their names are Taew and Boot. I really think they will go somewhere - Taew said that she has been invited by missionaries several times but had never let them come back or gone to church, but then when her friend (Boot) said she wanted to go to a Christian church, she knew right where one was because the missionaries had told her. Sounds like they are being prepared to me :) Neck was also at church - she is so sporadic. She is the funniest lady. I love her. I just wish she was a little more consistent.
We got some sweet new investigators - One of them is a lady that has been learning with the sisters on and off for a long time. She is really awesome. She is from Laos and has a problem with her visa so she couldn't get baptized but I guess that is going to be all cleared up in January. She still has some other stuff to work through but she is really cute and I already love her a lot. Her name is Toy. After that we taught some other new investigators. One wasn't really interested, but the others were good. The last ones were a mother and daughter that I really like - they seem pretty interested. So Saturday was a really good day.
The new Thai BOM came out yesterday - it is really sweet. They have a triple combination all nice and gilded. The new translation is interesting. They used words that no one knows. Trying to make it more formal I guess. It will be an interesting transition. We all have to re-memorize D&C 4 and the first vision - they both changed a lot. The new book is a lot nicer - the font is a lot easier to read. So that is nice. Everyone at church was freaking out yesterday. Fun day.

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