Saturday, January 30, 2010

My second first week in Thailand. Hee Hee! That's funny!

(Since we don't have a photo yet -- I'm putting in one from November, 2008)
January 24, 2010
(10 of the top 26 things Sara is enjoying about being back in Thailand)
1) My companion (Sister Mark) is absolutely amazing! She is brave and courageous and likes to go to bed early!! Also, she hasn't made me answer the phone yet! But, she says that is coming. Darn.
2) My reunion with Sister Baew and her family was everything I hoped for. Fir cried and screamed and wouldn't let go of me and Sister Baew cried too! I love them so much!
3) I got attacked by a monkey again! You might not think this is a good thing, but since Lauren hangs out with me, she saw it and I can finally prove to her that they are evil - even though they could take over the world and she still wouldn't think they were evil!!
4) The mascara mom found for me is melt-proof! It survives sweat, tears and all sorts of craziness!! It's a great idea!!
5) I think my Thai actually improved!! I know it is a direct result of Divine intervention. I am understanding more and feel like I have been able to express myself better.
6) It hasn't actually been that hot. I really don't know why -- but that reprieve is likely ending here soon.
7) I haven't had a cold shower yet! Oh wait, just kidding. The second day the breaker flipped and all the lights went out so it went cold, but that was towards the end, so that's ok.
8) When people ask me about my sister and we have a good cry together, I share 1 Nephi 11:17 with them -- "I do not know the meaning of all things but I know that He loveth His children."
9) Ether 2:25 is an AWESOME scripture. Heavenly Father basically says 'there is no way you can do this without me, but you don't have to!!' I like that a lot!
10) Sister Mark told me that at Moves meeting last time, President Smith explained that I had left and he said that 'losing a sister is like losing five elders.' Take that boys!
Love you all!
Sister Webb

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