Monday, February 1, 2010

"We are the sheep, aren't we?"

February 1, 2010
We had a good week but it wasn't necessarily super exciting. I didn't get attacked by any more monkeys or feed any more elephants. Except: I have officially eaten a bug! Phii At brought some to English last week. He had grasshoppers and crickets and little caterpillar worm things. I wasn't brave enough to eat the grasshoppers or crickets. I ate the the little caterpillar thing. It was pretty disgusting. But at least now I can say I did it. They eat bugs like candy here.
We have really been blessed in finding new investigators. We are getting the area up and running again pretty quick. We went inviting the other day - we had an hour in between appointments and decided to just ride around in neighborhoods and see if we could catch anybody outside. We spent like an average of 15 minutes with each person and three out of the four are letting us come back to teach and the other is coming to English! And, three of the four are families!! That was by far the most successful day of inviting I have ever witnessed.
Phii Ruay is having some pretty serious struggles. We are praying really hard for her. We met with her last Saturday and she said that she read about Jesus Christ being a shepherd and that He goes and looks for His lost sheep. She said "We are the sheep, aren't we?" Then she explained how it was an answer to prayer and she started crying - I think she realizes that Heavenly Father was looking for her and that is why we found her. I don't think she will ever let this go - it just might take a while to soften her husband's heart. I honestly believe there is a miracle coming on this one. She has so much faith.
Sister Webb

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