Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My brother Taylor is a 23 year old apostle

August 18, 2009
My funny language mess up of the week was when I was practicing for our "task" in the TRC - this week, we got to bring a picture of our family and describe our siblings. So, I was practicing with Sister Knudson and got to Taylor and said "This is Taylor - etc, and then I was going to say that he is an engineer. The word for engineer is wisawakaan, and I got mixed up with Agrasawok, which is dumb because they aren't even that close - but Agrasawok means Apostle. So, I told Sister Knudson that my 23 year old brother is an apostle. She was like WOW!! (obviously making fun of me.) The class got quite a kick out of that one!
That same day, Sister Knudson told us a lot about Thailand. She said that you shower twice a day because it is so hot and muggy. The seasons there are that March to May is "insanely" hot. Then, from June to October it rains every day, but she said that is good because it makes contacting easier - people get trapped inside because no one uses umbrellas - they just wait for the rain to stop - so people have no where to go and you can talk to them. Then, from October to February, it is the "cold" season. That means it only gets to about 85. They all bundle up and call it winter. Crazy. But Sister Knudson said she only had to shower once a day during the "cold" season, so that is something to look forward to. She also said that all sister missionaries apartments have air conditioning, so at least I'll be able to sleep!! On the Thai New Year, they have a "songkrang" - a nationwide water fight. Apparently the missionaries are actually allowed to participate because they get a lot of contacts and referrals from it. I am pretty excited about that. Anyways, while she was saying all of this, I got so excited! I can't wait to go to Thailand!! I honestly could not sit still in my chair and my stomach got butterflies! - - I love Thailand!!

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