Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our whole world is getting turned upside down because of Son Kran - the big water fight. We basically can't do any work - we are just trying to line up service projects and we have to get inside the house early. Tuesday is the first day of Son Kran so they made it our P-day and we are working on Monday. It is going to be crazy. Son Kran just really throws life off here.
We also got two other new investigators this week - they were from inviting. One lady has lupus and when she found out I was a "nurse" she went and got all her lab results to show me. It was really cute. She just really opened up to us and really responded to our message. She needs Jesus Christ! (Just like everyone else). When we were biking away we were just like "holy cow - I love her." Her name is Dew (like the rain in the morning). Our other new investigator also has potential - she lives alone and has expressed the need for religion to comfort her. She already believes in God because she says that she can feel someone when she is alone and someone told her it was God and she believes that. Heavenly Father really is preparing people all over the world! We just have to find them.
We have a recent convert named Mint that plays the violin. I told her that I do too and she wanted me to play it for her. I played a couple of hymns and I have now been recruited to play in a fireside tomorrow. Apparently there are a couple of members with extra violins lying around. Random. Then it turns out that Elder Dearden is a violinist as well. Small world. It was actually really fun to play the violin (even though it was a pretty crappy violin). I miss the violin and it felt good. One member really freaked out about vibrato - violinists aren't common here and he had never seen that. He kept asking how I did it. Pretty funny.
Get this! I am doing switch offs in Lopburi this week! With Sister Mark! Korat and Lopburi always switch off - I am just really lucky that I get to go back to my old area. We are going to eat at my favorite restaurant and visit Phii Ruay and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I will tell you all about it next week!
I love you all so dearly. Thanks for all the emails. You are all fantastic!
Sister Webb

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