Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Korat is on fire!

Phii Ow's Baptism April 25, 2010
Korat is still on fire - we have ten progressing investigators and tons of new ones that have promise.
Phii Ow's baptism went off with out a hitch. It was perfect. There were members there and investigators and the font filled in time and the speakers were good - just a great baptism all around. We were worried because she can't use her left arm (she got in a car accident a couple of years ago and cut a nerve) but the branch president was aware and did a perfect job of baptizing her. She was so happy. She got a day off for her baptism - she has never had a day off before and she just happened to get one on the day of her baptism. She did not think that was coincidence and neither did we. She bore her testimony afterward and was adorable - she said that she believes in God (that will never cease to be a miracle to me - she didn't two months ago). Her testimony was short and sweet and then she turned to sit down and remembered that you are supposed to say in the name of Jesus Christ amen but she got a little flustered and said "in the name of the Holy Ghost". She realized it and fixed it. But it was really adorable. I love that lady.
The bad news is that Phii May didn't get baptized on Saturday. There was a certain leader in the ward who was concerned that she hadn't really left her boyfriend and he managed to get it postponed. He just doesn't know the whole story and it's too bad he had anything to say about it. President Smith is stepping in to help out and hopefully her baptism will happen really soon.
Phii Boo is still amazing. We have already taught her the first three lessons. It is weird to move so fast - we usually only teach 2-3 principles in a lesson. But she already has a great background and has read the BOM and all the pamphlets so it is basically review. She didn't come to church on Sunday and we were a little worried but we found out that she went to her old church to tell them that she wasn't going there anymore. She is really "full speed ahead" if you know what I mean. She brought two friends with her to the last appointment and they both became new investigators. I think she is going to turn into a referral machine. She is telling everyone about us and bringing all her Christian friends and telling them about the BOM. It is really a huge miracle.
It's time for Sister Hulme to go home. I'm sad because I'm really going to miss her. We have had so much fun together. She promised to keep in touch and I know she will, so that will be fun. The two options it looks as though she will be replaced by are both awesome, so it will all be great!

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