Monday, April 19, 2010


PJ!!! Is he not the cutest human being you have ever laid your eyes on? I love him. We were at his house yesterday and we were praying at the end of the lesson and we were kneeling and I had my head bowed and I felt a presence and I opened my eyes and he was lying on the floor with his face right under my face looking at me and making faces. I started laughing pretty hard. Unfortunately I was the one saying the prayer. Oh well.
We did switch offs in Lopburi last week. It was a blast. I didn't get to see a ton of people but I did get to see some. We went to the end of correlation meeting so I saw Brother Buncuu and Brother Aladin and some other members. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Phii Ruay or Sister Baew. That was kind of disappointing. Apparently Sister Baew moved (not far - just down the street) but she is in the process of moving and hasn't had time to really help the sisters teach or go to correlation. But I got to play with Sister Mark. It was so much fun. We just talked and talked and talked. We met with a new investigator that I hadn't ever taught. I also spent half the day switching off with Sister Wanlapa - a Thai. She is a huge amount of fun and it really helped me to have communicate in Thai all the time - It was good. Brother Aladin and Sister Aa helped us teach an investigator. I don't know if you remember, but once I told you about a lady that we ran into in a supermarket that was dressed like an elf and shouted random phrases in Japanese - well she is now an investigator! We taught her. She was awesome.

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