Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's see what did we do this week? Oh, yeah, we INVITED!

Taking cover in the daily rainstorm
Playing in the rain
August 8, 2010
Well family, I think the emails are going to get a little bit repetitive. We do the same thing every week. I could pretty much copy and paste last weeks email because this week was pretty much the same. Lots of inviting, more stories about what happened to the pass along cards after we left, etc. etc. etc. I will try to think of things that are unique to this week.
We found some success inviting criminals. There was a chain gang (they weren't actually chained - they were just criminals working on some sort of street project) and we started talking to some of them. One guy actually seemed really interested. Sister Pet tells him how to find out more - he doesn't have a phone becuase he is in jail! So we gave him the address of the office and said he could write a letter. I hope he does. That chain gang was all up and down the street. They all just stared at us incredulously as we worked our way up and down the streets and gave them all pass along cards. It was pretty fun. I decided that I enjoy inviting criminals.
As for investigators, This week we managed to get some people to church. Pon, the lady that I have told you about, was at church yesterday. Her mom wanted her to move to Udon (which is really far away, in case you were wondering) but she didn't go so she is still going to be learning with us. I am excited about her - I really think she will get baptized. And she is related to a big family in the ward and so she will have support. Always a good thing. I think I have also told you about Ma and Pa - the grandparents of that huge family that we are teaching. We had a good lesson with them this week. We watched the Restoration DVD and asked them to pray really hard about Joseph Smith - they just don't really have a testimony yet. Pa came to church yesterday. We are still working on Ma. Their grandson is slightly crazy so the primary teachers are having a hard time with him, which makes it hard for Ma to come to church, but we have got a member working on that one so we hope we can figure something out soon. We also had Phii Ngek. I could never in a million years get you to say that name right by writing it in English. Just pronounce it like Neck and it will be close enough. She has come to church two weeks in a row now and is progressing really well. We taught the atonement yesterday and she was glued to every word. She really loved it. We had a member helping us teach her once and the member said that you can ask a question and then open the BOM to find your answer. She got all excited - like "can you do that? When you open it, do you look at the right page or the left page? The top or the bottom?" She is adorable. That is it for our progressing investigators. We have a couple new ones but honestly it doesn't look they are going to go very far. With the exception of one - There is a lady named Lek that we started teaching this week and we went back yesterday and she has already read 50 pages in the BOM. She is Christian already but seems very open to what we are teaching and willing to try it out.
I have started to notice one of my favorite "Thai-isms" - meaning funny things that Thai people do that make me happy. They are deathly afraid of rain. If they get even a little bit wet, the next day they will be deathly ill and not able to go anywhere because they got wet. So if it is raining just a little bit, they will put plastic grocery sacks on their heads. It is the funniest thing ever. They just run around with these sacks on their heads and go about their normal lives. I hope no one suffocates. I think that is probably a safety hazard. But as I have observed in the time that I have been here, safety is not exactly a #1 priority.
I love you all to pieces!
Sister Webb

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