Sunday, August 15, 2010

If anyone ever wonders, God knows what He is doing.

Wat Prae Gaew with Sister Pet and Sister Chambers
August 15, 2010
Sister Pet isn't in New Zealand yet -- she got appendicitis and had to have surgery. She is at the President's house recuperating. She is doing really well. Something that was not fun: me trying to discuss medical things and billing in Thai. I don't know how to say things like surgery and appendix, and I don't know how to say emergency room and all these things. I don't know how to explain that the Church will pay medical expenses but she doesn't have a little card because she is actually about to head to New Zealand, etc. etc.(don't worry - now I do)
In the hospital, 'worrying' about Sister Pet
As for our investigators, Pon is still our best. She was at church yesterday and we taught her afterward. In her prayer she was like "This morning I didn't want to come to church. Thank you for helping me overcome myself and come to church anyways." I love prayers like that. She is so awesome. She has a solid baptismal date set and is progressing well towards it. We are also still teaching Neck. She came to church yesterday too but had to leave after Sacrament meeting so we didn't get a chance to teach her. She is still doing well though. We have a new investigator that looks like she could go places - her name is Mad. We have only taught her twice and she was at church yesterday with her 4 year old son. He really wanted to go home and watch cartoons but she stayed for the full three hours. She is adorable. Her husband doesn't like Christianity and is resisting but she still really wants to learn. I think she really feels that it is important - that it is something and she needs to pay attention - you know? Hopefully her husband will soften up a little bit. We also have a promising new little family. We met the mom a couple Sundays ago while we were out inviting. We handed her a pass along card and talked to her a little bit but she was kind of staring blankly at us. We wrapped up and were walking away when she said "God bless you" which means that she is a Christian - Christians say that to other Christians. So we stop and talk to her some more and she told us that she had converted to Christianity a while back but hadn't been to church in a long time. She agreed to give us her phone number but was kind of reluctant so we weren't too sure about it. But she let us come meet with her last week. Then we met with her again yesterday and it was an awesome lesson. We read in 3 Nephi about building our house upon a rock and compared it to the family. She was like "I know Jesus wants me to make my family strong. How do I do it? Tell me what to do." Well actually, we can help with that. We talked about family prayer and going to church as a family. Then we asked her if we could come back and meet with her whole family. She said her husband is Buddhist and she didn't know if he would want to. But she said she would talk to him and that we could definitely meet with her two kids. The cool thing is that she has a 15 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. That is the exact same as a family in the ward that just got baptized a couple of months ago. And their sons go to the same school! Isn't that crazy! They would just be perfect friends! I am praying like crazy that her husband will let us meet with him too. We will see.
As for other extremely exciting news!!! Phii Ruay is getting baptized! I know that is like the fourth time you have heard that. I am not really sure about the details. But I think it is pretty legitimate. We have no idea what happened. We are just freaking out. She is getting baptized on August 22. I am freaking out. I am so excited. I hope it goes through this time. Her daughter Bookie is getting baptized too. Yay!
If anyone ever wonders, God knows what He is doing. Don't mess with Him.
Well all you cuties, this is all for the week. As you can see, it was a bit of a ride. But lots of fun. I love you all. Have a great week.
Sister Webb

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