Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inviting, inviting and more inviting. Did I mention we do a lot of inviting!?

July 25, 2010
As you all already know, I am now in Srinakarnin. It is the third craziest Bangkok area. (After Asoke Din Daeng) so now I pretty much have the worst that Bangkok has to offer covered. But it is definitely far behind Asoke and Din Daeng - much quieter and easier to escape the madness. So far I love it. I just wish we had a couple more investigators - we have been inviting literally all day every day. But it is already starting to pay off. On Saturday we were at this big park and we invited a cute little family and they said they would come to church. Yeah right. But then they did! It was crazy! We almost fell out of our chairs. They wandered in at like 10:30. It is a real live family - a mom and a dad and an 8 year old girl. They were only there for 30 minutes, but the dad really liked Sunday School - they were talking about that quote from David O. McKay - No success can compensate for failure in the home. So it was perfect. We have an appointment with them on Thursday and they told everyone at church that they would see them next week. It was so awesome. Miracles I tell you. We got a whole bunch of other potential investigators but most of them aren't looking like they are going to go anywhere. But hey - some day we will have a nice little investigator pool, I am sure. The ward here is great - There have been a ton of baptisms lately (that is the reason there aren't tons of investigators - they all got baptized). There were two whole families - one with two kids and one with three. So it is a great area. Everyone in the ward is really nice. I had a great time at church yesterday.
Other than that cute little family that came to church yesterday, we are teaching a big family of nine people. But a lot of them aren't really progressing. The grandpa was the only one who came to church yesterday. I have taught the grandpa and grandma once but we are teaching all of them tonight. So I haven't met most of them. They are cute people. We are also teaching a woman named Pon. She is amazing. She is the cousin of family of members in the ward. She has already come to church twice and brought three of her friends to learn last time. She seems like she is really sincere and really wants to get baptized. She is probably our strongest investigator. Those are the only people we are teaching right now.
So more on my companion - she is from Hooper, Utah. She is in her second moves and was trained by Sister Livingston. She went to Freemont High School and graduated the year after me. She is an early education major and is going to Weber. Carlie and her would get along. She is adorable. We laugh a lot and have a lot in common - We walk all day every day. She is the fifth of six kids - her little brother just got a mission call to Germany. She actually reminds me a lot of McKensie Smith in the way she talks and laughs - and their smiles are similar. It kinds of freaks me out sometimes. She is a great missionary - she is able to stay motivated through hours of inviting. She is a good example for me - I tend to get a little pooped after about 5 - 6 hours of walking around getting rejected. But she is awesome. I love her.

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