Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love you all to pieces

October 25, 2010
So this week was pretty interesting. Our little family is doing ok. We taught just the mom and the son last week and it was a really good lesson. We taught the restoration and you could tell she was feeling it. She also told ust that she loves the scriptures - that when she read at first she didn't understand but then she prayed and she understood - she was like - I can't explain it - I just get it. It was cool. She even has a favorite scripture- the one about the iron rod being the word of God and leading to the tree of life. I have never had a Thai pick up on that symbolism on their own - she is good. And she loves the scriptures and she prays every day. The son is awesome too - he loved church last week and really wanted to go again this week. They said they would be there but then didn't go. I don't know why. We are teaching them tonight so we will see. The dad wasn't there last time we taught and the 17 year old daughter wouldn't sit down - she was taking care of the little twins. But we can get them. Nok (the mom) really is doing awesome.
Other than that, the week consisted of a lot of inviting. We got dropped by most of our new investigators - one girl who was promising said that her parents wouldn't let her learn. Another is moving, and a whole host of other excuses. Kind of discouraging. But that's ok! We just invited a lot! We got a lot of potential investigators but we are having a hard time turning them into real investigators. We did get one yesterday - a cute lady with two really cute little kids. When we were inviting her, I asked her if we could get her number and she was kind of thinking about it and her little 7 year old son started giving it to me right away. He is really cute. He was all over the lesson - wanted to look at all the pictures of Jesus that we had.
Yesterday was the primary program! Yay! It was adorable! The primary in our ward has five kids - three of which are from one family. They had a cute little girl conduct and they sang songs and they all gave talks. It was the cutest thing ever because you could tell their parents wrote the talks for them - they would get up and be like "I am grateful that the bishop has asked me to speak today". One little boy, who is six, bore his testimony and started bawling. It was the cutest thing ever. When they sang the songs, they all had their own songbook and they had a cd that played the music and they would all get ahead of the music and you could barely hear them because they were buried in their songbooks. I wish I could convey how adorable it was. Just know that it really was adorable and it made me really happy. One of the girls just turned 12 so now we are down to 4 kids in the primary. Well, occasionally these two African kids show up - no one really knows where they come from or who there parents are - they just come and go to primary and run around wreaking havoc. Pretty funny.

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