Monday, October 18, 2010

I'll "die" in Srinakarin . . .

This week we got a couple of new investigators. We had some success inviting. One lady was really cute - when we went back to visit her for the second time she told us that she thought she could only pray once a day and she was nervous that she would mess up so she didn't pray. After we clarified that, she said she was going to pray "many times a day" to practice. It was really cute. She pulled out a Jesus pamphlet someone had given her years ago - illustrated stories from the New Testament. I actually really liked it. It wasn't from our church but it looked like it did a pretty good job and stuck to the King James Version. She loves studying about Jesus but is still Buddhist. Her name is Soy by the way. She is adorable. There was also a girl that called off a pass along card - she is 15 and said that she lived right by the church and had been given a pass along card and wanted the BOM. That was pretty cool. We tried to get her family to sit down but they wouldn't - which was a bummer because it will be hard to teach just a 15 year old girl. But we can work on them. She was a really cute girl.
The other good news of the week is that our little family is doing really well. They had family prayer every day! They always have the 11 year old boy say it so they had him say the opening prayer for the lesson. It was hilarious. He recited verbatim the "how to pray" section in the restoration pamphlet. I was impressed - he had it all memorized. I liked the part where he said "Ask Heavenly Father about things you are wondering or things you are confused about." Pretty funny. Apparently I really need to be more clear when I teach prayer. They are just so used to reading something for their prayer. I figure Heavenly Father is just happy that they are talking to Him. The mom of the family has read 20 pages in the Book of Mormon - we were talking about all the different people just to help her understand and I was talking about the family - "there are two good brothers and two not so good brothers" and she was like "yeah! Those two older ones are so annoying." It was cute. You can tell they have been reading when they are able to pull out the name Lehi on their own. We are excited about this family - it looks like they could be going places.
I didn't move this last transfer. I am excited. This area is awesome. We don't have a lot of investigators but the members are really fun (like the ones in the photo) and I have some really good friends and so I wanted to stay here. There are some awesome members here in Srinakarin that I just love with all of my little heart.
I love you all! Have a great week!

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