Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another week in paradise!!

Today we woke up and the whole house had no water - we couldn't flush toilets, wash dishes, or do laundry. When it came back on, all the water was brown and disgusting. We had to wait for like three hours for the water to come back on and be a normal color before we could shower. Then I had to use S.J.'s shower because my bathroom is still completely waterless. It was quite fun. As for the heat, it is actually the cold season right now. It finally came. It is not that hot - actually quite bearable. I mean it is definitely still hot but not nearly as much. Last Sunday it was actually a little bit nippy. That was shocking. S.J. almost died. It was pretty funny. But apparently the cold season only lasts for a couple weeks so we are trying to enjoy it while we can. I miss snow. The cold season also makes showering very rough - the water in our buckets is FREEZING! And the morning are a little nippy, so we basically die every time we shower. Last week though I had TWO days in a row with a hot shower that actually came out of the shower head and not out of a bucket. It was a miracle. I doubt that will ever happen again.
Funny story. S.J. and I went to eat dinner the other day and we picked a restaurant we had never been to. Apparently we picked the local drunk hangout. We sat down at our table and this hopelessly drunk man comes over and starts talking to us. He tried to sit next to Sister J. but she wouldn't let him, so then he just moves the chair back and sits behind her and starts playing her a song on his guitar. He sang all sorts of stuff. My favorite was one in English - the words were "Does it bother you Nicole?" It was pretty funny. He read our name tags so he called us Webb and Josephson, but he eventually shortened Josephson to "Josie" - I guess Josephson is a little too long for a hopelessly drunk man to remember. Eventually, he went back to his own table but then he would occasionally yell out random things like "Josie! I love San Francisco!" The owner of the restaurant would periodically yell at him and be like "Can you be quiet for five minutes?" Then when we went to pay for our dinner, he payed for us! So basically we went on a pseudo date with a crazy drunk man. It was pretty fun. Then that same day we got hit on by a cross dresser at the store. Pretty funny place, this Thailand. I LOVE it!"

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