Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Thanks for water" celebration

Phii Ed's Baptism
November 11, 2009
"Yippee! It was amazing! He was so happy. After, he bore his testimony and it was awesome - he has never been super great at expressing how he feels, but you could feel the Spirit like radiating off of him. His family was thrilled too.
I told you last week about our new investigator named Ruay. We met her again and we are super excited - she prayed and asked if God was there and she said that she felt like there was someone all around her. Her two kids also read the pamphlet we left and the daughter whipped out a question about the priesthood - that is when you know they actually read it. Pretty sweet. She is reading the Book Of Mormon a ton and said that she would ask God about the things we were teaching - she already really seems to get the concept of asking God questions - she already believes in Him because of that experience. Both Sister J. and I really love her. She is just really real and fun to talk to and be with.
The sad news is that we lost Som. She just started saying that she wasn't ready for her interview with President Smith and then announced that she is moving six hours away to a town that doesn't have missionaries or a church. She has been living with an aunt and her mom wants her to come home. Then she didn't show up to three straight appointments. We aren't really sure what happened. It was really tough - S.J. talked to her during weekly planning last Thursday and I pretty much cried through the rest of planning. But I have come to believe that it is just not her time - she believes all of this and just has to be ready to change. When she is, Heavenly Father will put her in the path of missionaries again.
So now for my tidbit about why Thai people are so nice. I got my skirt stuck in my bike the other day - like really bad and I couldn't get it out. Within 60 seconds there were three Thai ladies there all trying to pull it out. We finally did get it out, but not before it was ripped to shreds. Then as I was leaving they gave me clothespins and helped me pin it so it wouldn't get stuck again. People here are so awesome.
Oh! Important bit of news -- both S.J. and I are staying in Lopburi another move. That is good. We are excited!
I love you all tons! Good bye until next week!"
Sister Webb

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