Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It was a day full of miracles!

This is me at McDonalds at that huge mall in Bangkok I told you about. I think this is a pretty sweet picture. There were Thai people in the window laughing at us. They must get a huge kick out of watching white people take pictures with this Ronald McDonald. But hey - I like the picture and I am glad that I could be the means of their entertainment.
So random tangent - I think I should explain the deal with Thai names. You are probably confused. The word "Phii" is a title that means they are older than you. You put that word in front of their name whenever you are addressing them. Nong is a title for someone that is younger than you, but it is the same deal - you call them Nong and then their name. The other thing is that all Thai people have a real first name that no one knows - they all have a nickname which is what they go by. Phii Ed, for example, is actually named Supanid Tangmeesang. But no one calls him that. Your parents pick your real name and your nickname. And here, when they say "Brother so and so", they use their first name, not their last. So the Thai missionaries that are here are Elder and then their first name. So I would be Sister Sara.
This last week for long planning, we dropped like a million investigators. We have to really have faith to drop them. One we dropped was our investigator named Phii Id. I don't know if you remember her, but she was a really promising investigator. Anyways, she got a new job and works 7 days a week and said she couldn't learn with us anymore or go to the Church. It was really hard for S.J. because they are really attached. But the story gets really good here. After this planning session, we were a little distressed because of our very small investigator pool - we dropped two people with a baptismal date and decided that if another didn't come to church this Sunday, we were going to drop her as well. So we only had 2 strong investigators. But then Heavenly Father poured in the miracles. We went out to work and our first appointment was with Ruay, the woman who we met in the market a while back. We committed her and her two kids to Baptism! Yay! We are so excited about them. Then during the lesson, the phone rang and S.J. turned it off but noticed it was Phii Id - we were like "why would she be calling us?" So we called her back after the lesson and she announced that she was going to come to Church tomorrow and wanted to start learning. She came to Church and met with us after and set a new baptismal date. Wow. It was awesome. It was totally out of the blue. Then, the woman (named Adjan Tee Waa) that we were on the verge of dropping, had this brilliant aha moment that night. She was like, I have been worshipping the God of Buddhism and your God at the same time. I need to make a decision. Then she was like "And I can pray and ask, right?" She said that before, she has only been praying and asking for blessings but has never straight up asked God a question. And guess what will happen when she does! Woohoo! Then she came to Church the next day for the first time in forever and our members were awesome - they were all hugging her and talking to her. So she is progressing again. This all happened in one day! It was a day full of miracles!
Phii Ed received the Holy Ghost this week. He was so happy. He just sat in the chair for a minute afterwards and smiled. You could tell that he was feeling the difference - feeling how awesome of a gift this is. He is getting interviewed for the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this family. He is an awesome member. He makes really good comments in Sunday School and helps us teach. He is a powerhouse when he teaches - he has a strong testimony that he really had to fight for. Him and Sister Baew are really a huge help to the missionaries. Man they are awesome. They are the happiest family I have ever seen. Which is really awesome because they haven't always been a happy family. This Gospel really turned them around. Yay! I love the Gospel! It is so amazing!
Sister Sara

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  1. Sara is a doll. She sounds great! This post brought tears to my eyes. Go Sister Sara!