Monday, February 8, 2010

Heavenly Father speaks Thai!!

February 8, 2010
Phii Ruay is amazing. We are praying SO HARD!! I really think we are going to get a miracle. I really do. But I don't know when it will come. She told us a really cool story about why she wants to get baptized - she said that a couple of weeks before I came back she met with the Elders and her husband got angry. Afterwards, he asked her to stop learning and she actually considered it - she didn't really know if she was doing the right thing. She decided to pray and ask if she was doing the right thing. She said she prayed and then heard a soft voice say "You need to believe in Me." She said it scared her and she was like "Father, is that you?" And then she heard it again - "You need to believe in Me." She said she got up and told her husband that she couldn't stop learning. I love that Heavenly Father speaks Thai. I mean - I knew that, but it is still really cool to remember that He talks to her in her own language.
Our investigator pool is growing and Sister Mark and I continue to have a blast. I have started writing down her quotes because she is so funny! I love you all!
Sister Webb

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