Saturday, February 27, 2010

Missionary splits

We went back to teach that young mother we invited. We were talking to her and suddenly we had a swarm of neighborhood kids that came up and wanted to talk. They sang us songs and pretty much just hung on us. When we left, we told them we would come back and teach them about our church. They were all there again, and about 12 of them sat on a mat (along with this young mother) and we taught them about the Godhead and prayer. It was actually really cool. They all listened and liked it. The mother prayed at the end. We are going back this week. They are all really cute kids. We are hoping that we can get some of their parents interested. But most of all, we think everyone should have a chance to learn the gospel - and even if nothing happens now, maybe they will accept missionaries later because they will remember what they learned. We'll see what happens. We taught a new investigator that is a Christian. That was hard! She kept freaking out about the Bible. It was my first taste of what other missionaries deal with with people that can't accept additional scripture. She was like "But the BOM is so different". (Which it is not). She told us she is thinking of starting her own church. That will be interesting. We walked over an hour to get to a recent convert's house and she forgot our appointment so we walked over an hour back in the hottest part of the day. We also taught a new investigator and then this lady that is awesome. We would teach and she would ask the best questions - she is really interested. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we were talking about life on earth - about how we are here to learn how to be like God. She was like "well God is immortal and we aren't. so why would God send us here when there is no way we can accomplish that?" Obviously she was listening and thinking. We talked a little about the atonement but it was mostly a teaser - you don't want to try and shove the Atonement into a two minute answer. It is just refreshing to see someone who is actually thinking about what you are teaching and not just nodding politely. :-)

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