Monday, March 22, 2010

My dreams came true!!

Floating Market / Bangkok, Thailand
My dreams came true! I am in Korat with Sister Hulme! My companion is AMAZING! I feel like writing an ode to Sister Hulme. She is a very hardworking missionary who I share lots in common with including similar opionions on school, the Gospel, life, etc. We have so much fun talking! Our companion studies rock. Then we just talk and talk all day. We have started the tradition of companion date night and we went to the mall and ate at a place that had a huge window overlooking the city and pretty much bonded from the start. We are having so much fun! She has made me love inviting! Every morning we just go out on foot and explore neighborhoods and chase people down. Thais are so fun because they are so nice - we talked to one lady for three minutes and she told us we could live with her and brought out pictures of her family. I love it!
Korat is actually the second biggest city in Thailand - behind Bangkok, but it is still quite peaceful. You can be in a ton of traffic but then suddenly turn down a street and it will be just like Lopburi - not a lot of people and quiet. It is a lot bigger than Lopburi. It is a huge area - I have to learn it in 6 weeks. But it will be good. Korat has a lot of cool stuff. It has taxis and took tooks - these little converted motorcycle things that are really fun to go around on. They actually have a church - a real little chapel. It is very cute and it makes me very happy. So basically it is the best of both worlds. I have met a lot of the members and I love them. Moving from my greenie area has really helped my confidence - I am understanding a lot more and getting my Thai complimented a lot more. I just LOVE it here!
We have an investigator named Ow (like the sound you make when you are hurt). She is AMAZING! We will be teaching her and we will get out one sentence and she will pick it up and teach herself the rest of the principle. We will do comparisons like "God is like our parents - if our kid does something wrong, we will forgive him and forget about it." And then she goes off on how that is true but sometimes parents don't forgive and God will always forgive. And then she says "but when we repent it is not just stopping doing bad things - we have to do good things too." This is all unsolicited - we basically don't have to teach her. I have never seen anything like it. Sister Hulme and I decided that when the veil was placed over her mind it got messed up somehow. She just seems to know everything already but has never met with the missionaries or learned Christianity. She works until 5:00 am on Sunday mornings but then still comes to church. She said "If it is a commandment from God, I have to do it." She has a baptismal date for April 25. Phii Ruay was amazing to me when I left Lopburi - - she is going full steam ahead with her baptism.
You are all great. I love you dearly. Have fun in life.

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  1. What a great email! You must be so proud or Sarah! I love you guys. I think about your family all the time!