Monday, March 29, 2010

Messages or massages for Buddhist Monks!?

Typical Homes on a Street in Thailand
Sister Hulme and I have started counting giant centipedes that we see on the road. We are up to 13. Luckily most of them have been dead. They are HUGE! A good 8 inches long. They scare the crud out of me. It rained here the other day and apparently that makes them come out.
Speaking of rain - last Friday was the most amazing day of my life. It rained all morning so we changed our study to the morning and then it was actually cold! All day! In the middle of the hot season! It was the weirdest but best thing that has ever happened to me. I actually SHIVERED In Thailand and didn't sweat all day! Even a little bit! weird! I loved that day. I wanted to invite all day. Unfortunately we had appointments. (I never thought I would say that). I really like cold weather. I miss it. We are already back to heat full force. But that's ok.
Sister Hulme wrote a little song about Thailand. It is to the tune of the Cheers theme song. It goes like this "Making your way in Korat today takes everything you got. Taking a break from rabid dogs sure would help a lot. Your third appointment didn't show." Then you skip to the chorus which goes "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your first name. And they're always glad you came." We like to sing it while we are inviting and getting rejected over and over and over again.
Phii Ow continues to just completely astound me. I think I could spend a good hour writing an ode to her and her amazingness. She is really on track - we just started teaching lesson 4 so we will be done with the lessons soon and I really think she won't have a problem getting baptized. She already calls this "our church" and refers to herself as a Christian. And she was a pretty strong Buddhist before.
We also picked up a new investigator named Ma Somnuk - (yeah - same name as the lady in Lopburi who is my favorite person in the world). She was being taught by the Elders but her husband lost interest so we are going to teach her. Apparently all people with that name are amazing because we already love her. She already has a baptismal date and is progressing really well, so hopefully we can keep that up. We met and started teaching a new investigator named See. She is about 15. We ran into her inviting twice so we figure she really needs the Gospel. So far she has been great. We have met with her twice and she actually read the commitment and prayed. That doesn't happen all that often. She seems really interested in the lessons and when we asked if we could continue teaching, she was very enthusiastic about saying yes. The awkward thing is that both her parents give massages in the front room where we teach --- the first time we taught, her dad was massaging a Buddhist monk in the same room. Awkward. Really awkward. But once you get into the lesson you kind of forget. It was the closest to teaching a monk I think I will get on my mission.

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