Monday, March 8, 2010

"It makes a good story."

The missionary who eats bugs, plays with snakes,
has to meet UNDER houses where it's cooler, gets attacked by monkeys,
and crashes on her bike .... and is HAPPY about it!
LOVE her!!!
So I had my first bike crash yesterday. And it was epic. I was riding and I heard someone honk at me so I moved over but unfortunately he was trying to squeeze by on the side that I moved to (it was a motorcycle). So I moved over right into him, which obviously made me lose my balance. I splatted on the pavement. Heavenly Father definitely protected me on that one - I wasn't hurt at all. I probably should have been. I was able to get right up and all that is wrong with me is a sore spot of road rash on my leg. I thought I would be really sore today but I'm really not. At least now I can tell people I have had a bike crash. It makes a good story.
We took a bus to Korat for more splits this week and that was really funny - they played Thai karaoke and Sister Mark and I had a blast trying to read the Thai fast enough to sing along. All the songs were completely ridiculous - most were about someone committing adultery. Thai culture is a lot like Latin culture in that respect - they have a flair for the dramatic.
Things are going great in Lopburi. Phii Ruay is doing well. She told us that she believes "100%" that the church is true but is still worried about breaking her family up. We had a really good talk with her and she said she is praying to know what to do. Her husband is having some kind of surgery next week so she is going to be taking care of him. We really think she will get baptized - it is just a matter of time. I wish I could be here for it but Sister Mark promised to send me lots of pictures is she is still there when she gets baptized. We got two new investigators this week. One is a lady that we invited and we asked her who she lived with and she said she lives with her two boyfriends. Interesting. I guess we will jump that hurdle when we have to. But when we were teaching her how to pray she was like "I need to try this" so she basically committed herself. We'll see how that goes.

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