Thursday, May 6, 2010

Korat is ROCKING!

Sister Webb with the man she sings to -- who pats her head
(which shows he feels like she is his child.)
Korat is ROCKING! ..... I have a new companion. It is....drumroll please....SISTER CHRISTENSEN! I pretty much love her. A lot. She is a huge high school musical fan so we hit it right off. She is from Orem and is in her 9th moves. We are having a lot of fun so far. I know I say that all of my companions and I are the same person but it is true again - I just think that most of the sisters here have similar personalities in a lot of ways, which is probably why we are called to the same mission. We are really having a blast!!
We taught Phii Boo who is still doing really well. She gets mad at us because she wants us to spend tons of time at her house. We try to tactfully say that we really have to go. She is crazy. But still golden. We did a lot of inviting and have got 11 potential investigators (meaning they gave us their phone number - most won't go anywhere) but we think some of them have promise. We got a new investigator named Sara - she grew up in America and has an English name. See, the fourteen year old investigator I told you about, finally came to church! And she loved it! She was all scared - it was fast and testimony meeting so she kept asking me if she had to get up and speak. She was sure we were going to make her do something scary. But there were two members there that are around her age and they really stepped up - they have both helped us teach in the past and they were what finally got her to church. It ended up being really good and we don't think that we will have a problem getting her there in the future. See has become one of our most promising progress-ers.
On Sunday Sister Hulme's family came to church - it was really fun. They are a great family. It was just her parents and her twin. They did a little musical fireside and it was good. Then today they took us to that national park and that was a blast. After the national park, we rode elephants! Carlie - eat your heart out. It was amazing. I rode on its neck so I was actually sitting on the elephant. All I could think about was how jealous Carlie would be. And don't worry - I am sending lots of good pictures. It was raining so it was the full Thai experience - on an elephant in the jungle in the rain.

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