Monday, May 24, 2010

The political unrest has been pretty crazy.

I know I have already told you about Saeng. Let me tell you again. She is absolutely amazing. She was at church again last Sunday and saw the Elder's investigator get baptized. She said that she felt strongly that she needed to get baptized too. She also said that since she met us she is happier. She is so awesome. We are meeting with her three times a week so we should be able to get through the lessons and get her baptized - she loves going to church and is already friends with all the members. She is really attached to a little baby in the branch - she carries her everywhere. It is just really good to see because the members fellowshipped her really well and she stays at church forever just talking to people and enjoying it. And that is great because she is from Laos and her family is there so I think she gets kind of lonely here. So church is really great and she loves it and she wants to get baptized and I am so excited and I love her and I could write forever and ever but I should probably stop.
I taught a lesson in a casino the other day. We invited a lady and then went back and taught her and we were sitting in her house and she told us that she runs a casino out of her house - so we look in the corner and there are all these game tables. I guess we will tackle the gambling issue when we get to that point. She was pretty legit though. Her name is Nong.
The political unrest has been pretty crazy. There has been a curfew country wide - nobody is allowed out of thier house after 9:00 until 5:00 am. We are in by then anyways but we have been coming home at about dark because we don't want to run into any problems. There really haven't been a lot in Korat. The day we were on Lock down someone burned a building down town, but since then we haven't seen anything - we have been safe. But we see tidbits on the news and see the blown buildings and it is crazy. All the missionaries are out of like four Bangkok areas and have been moved elsewhere. But I hear it has calmed down a lot. We had a fun time in the house that one day. Our house is TEENY so we were going kind of crazy.
We had a member in our branch get her mission call this week. She is going to be serving in Thailand. It was kind of funny though because the call letter and the handbook were all in English. We met with her and tried to help her translate it. In case you were wondering, I don't know how to say measles in Thai, or insurance, or briefcase, or any number of things. It was really funny. We had to look up every other word. But hopefully we helped a little bit. She is adorable. She has been helping us teach a lot and even came inviting with us the other day. I don't think anyone will ever say no to her - she is just too adorable and sweet. She has been a member since she was eight - one of the few in Thailand. I am excited because I will still be here when she comes in the mission.
I love you all to pieces and I will talk to you next week. It should be normal time - P-day will be back to normal. I love you!

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