Monday, May 17, 2010

Sister Webb, Sister Christensen, and Sister Hulme
OK. So news for the week. I don't remember how much I have told you, but we have a new investigator named New. She is about 30ish and has two kids. she is married to a German but he is actually her same age and speaks Thai so it isn't creepy like most farang Thai marriages. Anyways, We have taught her four times now. Last time we asked her to pray about Joseph Smith and when we went back and asked how it went she said "I didn't see anything but I could feel it in my heart". She is awesome. She didn't come to church yesterday. Church is the bane of my life. Why won't people just come to church? But I think we will get her there soon. A great little member family helped us teach last time and they brought their kids and they are already great little friends with the investigator's kids. So we will get her there. She has a baptismal date as well. Great stuff. Her kids are adorable. They are huge fans of us. Last time we were there they showed us every photo album they had. We were looking at pictures forever. I think we got their whole family history. The kids just really wanted us to see it, I guess.
It also seems that we have found our golden investigator of all golden investigators. I told you a little bit about her last week. Her name is Saeng and she is from Laos. We have only taught her three times but she said she believes it all and came to church yesterday - that was the first time she could have come. THe members were great and she had tons of friends and she stayed after church forever. It was great! She has read a lot in the BOM and prays every day and is fully planning on getting baptized. The Elders have a baptism next week so she will get to see one. We are way excited about her. It is crazy how you find people - I just talked to her at a bus stop for 15 seconds and got her phone number and all the sudden she is our strongest investigator. She is really humble and sweet. You can hardly hear her when she talks. She is just adorable.
Funny story of the week comes to you from Sister Christensen. She was teaching this cute little old lady about the fall. So we read the verse in 2 Nephi 2:20 - And they have brought forth children. Yay, even the family of all the earth. Then Sister Christensen asks "So what did Adam and Eve do together?" (You know - trying to be a good missionary and review the scripture and see if they got it). The little old lady bursts out laughing and then it occurs to us how bad that sounds. Dirty minded little old lady. We have been having a good laugh about that one. Sister Christensen and I are still having a blast. We just laugh all day long. She is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We are pretty sure that we will be together two moves, so that is exciting.

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