Monday, May 31, 2010

Thailand is really on the verge of something big.

Hello everyone!
This week has had some craziness. Mostly good craziness. I will start with telling you about all the investigators you have heard about. Saeng is still doing great. But someone in her family died this week so she has been at a funeral. We haven't taught her since Wednesday and she wasn't able to come to church yesterday. But she is still great. we aren't worried. We just miss her because she is so darn much fun to teach. I love teaching people who keep every commitment and pretty much have a spiritual experience every week to share with us. Yay. We have a new investigator that has a baptismal date - I told you about her last week. She was the one that basically invited herself. We walked up and handed her a pass along card and she was like "when are you coming back"? She is awesome. (Her name is Lang, by the way). She loves what we teach, has already read a bunch in the BOM, and has a baptismal date. We are really excited about her. We went out and visited May last week (she is the one that was going to get baptized but then didn't). She still has an incredible amount of faith. She also came to church on Sunday. She has to ride a bus for an hour to get here. I don't think she will ever cease to amaze me.
So we have a whole slew of new investigators again this week. We were out inviting one day and this lady stopped on her motorcycle and started talking to us - she basically said that she wanted to learn and before we could even say anything she gave us her phone number and address. We taught her on Saturday - she has four kids. We asked her why she had stopped us and she said that she had a good feeling when she saw us. Pretty cool huh? Her family is adorable. She has a son and three daughters. - age 17,15, 13, and 11. They all were there for the lesson and we are so excited. Sister Christensen and I tend to be a little optimistic - we are already planning their baptism :). But it could happen. They were quite promising.
I love you all! Have a great week! Carlie - good luck at graduation. Stop getting old. And stop getting prettier. It just isn't good for my heart. "See" you all next week!

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