Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello from the Beast!!

June 13, 2010
It has been an interesting week. Lots of things to get used to here in the beast. But it has been good ... really good.
Our really good news of the week is that we found our superstar investigator. It seems that there is always a superstar that is ahead of everyone else. This time she is 11 years old. She is the granddaughter of a member. She has been coming to primary for months now but of course the elders didn't give her the time of day because she is a girl and 11 years old. We have started teaching her and she already has a rock solid testimony and a baptismal date for the last Sunday of the moves. She is adorable. Her name is Pim. We teach her twice a week and she is our high light. We are teaching her tonight about the Plan of Salvation and Sister Larson made these sweet little visual aids - it should be pretty fun.
We met a lady from Taiwan on the street the other day. She can't speak Thai but she speaks English. We brought her a mandarin Book of Mormon and she kind of freaked out - she was like "I have this already!" A friend gave it to her in college. She even went to a Mormon church after she broke up with a boyfriend and said she felt peace there. She said that in Taiwan everyone knows who the Mormons are. It was really cool. She said that she is coming to church this week. But because she can't speak Thai we had to give her to the International elders. But that is ok - we would have just had to hand her over when we moved anyways. I just think that Heavenly Father has been preparing her for awhile.

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