Monday, July 5, 2010

One week and about 2000 pass along cards later . . .

June 27, 2010
So this week has been interesting. We have officially become inviting maniacs. It is pretty much all we do. We go out in the morning and we have a stack of pass along cards. We walk down the street and hand them to anyone who will take them. About half of people will take it out of your hand. We stop and talk to people who are sitting or standing for about 15 seconds before they get bored of you and hop on a bus or just stop looking at you. (When they turn around and stare in the other direction, we take the hint.) We have calculated that we have given out about 2,000 pass along cards this week. There was one morning when we were really excited because we invited ALL morning and talked to hundreds of people and only a couple were mean to us. They all rejected us but most were really nice so we counted it as a great morning. We have gotten a few potential investigators out of all the inviting - but just three or four. But that is ok - because at the end of the day we feel good because we talked to masses of humanity and did our best. When we first got here we had a hard time with talking with everyone because they were all on the move - but we are getting better and talking to more people. It is actually kind of fun.
Thailand is literally breaking records all over the place. Last week the mission found 417 new investigators (that means that they were potential investigators, had an appointment with an opening and closing prayer, gave a commitment, and have a return appt.). When Pres. Smith first got here, that number was in the 70's-80's every week. The work is really exploding. The new schedule forced everyone to invite all morning and now we are getting good at it - and it is paying off. We are trying hard to find a family to teach. We did find one but of course they didn't live in our area. That is ok - we gave a good referral to those Elders. I suspect that baptism records are being broken too - I am sure we will find out at zone conference.

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