Monday, July 5, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore!!

June 13, 2010
OK. So you know how I said I didn't think I was going to move? Turns out I lied. I am not in Korat. In fact, I am in ASOK. That might not mean much to you. Maybe its nickname will help you picture it. It is "The belly of the beast". The beast being Bangkok. I have gone from outside of Bangkok my whole mission to the belly of the beast. It is crazy. Completely crazy. I am in total culture shock. This is the area that got closed because it is the center of where all the protesting was going on. So we are opening it. Here is the other fun bit of news - President has already told us that he will be closing our area at the end of this moves to the Sisters again - so we are in this limbo area. He told us that we are here to find investigators for the Elders. So that means inviting all day long. So far our system is that we just pass out English fliers and if anyone stops to ask a question about it or even slows down, we hit them with a gospel invite. We stick pass along cards inside the English flier though. So basically we just pass out pass along cards and talk to the occasional passer by who slows down for a second and a half. We also hit bus stops - people are stationary there - but you still have to be quick - the bus comes at any second. We have found a couple potential investigators that we have appointments with this week. We will see how that goes. We tried to meet a whole bunch of people at church but I can only remember like one person's name. They are all way excited that there are sisters here. Too bad it is only for six weeks. Right now I am just in culture shock and kind of longing for my bed in my sleepy little neighborhood in Korat. Give me a couple weeks and I will be used to it.
It is crazy that I am where all the stuff happened last month - you would never know by wandering around and just looking. It is completely normal - we have been right where all the protests were going on and now it is just life as normal. It is like it never happened. We still haven't seen the buildings that got blown up - they are the only trace of what happened here a month ago.
I can do this! I love you all! Sister Webb

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