Monday, July 5, 2010

With Sister Larson at a beautiful park in Bangkok
July 4, 2010
Hello everybody! It has been a great week here in the belly of the beast. I will tell you about all the investigators that you are familiar with. Pim is still our superstar in every way. She is getting interviewed for baptism on Friday. If she doesn't pass, no one in the history of the earth should have ever passed a baptismal interview. All we have left to teach is tithing and fasting, both of which she already knows. She is hilarious - she learned about fasting in primary so now it is the answer to every question. We were teaching about the Sabbath day and we were like "So what should we do on the Sabbath?" "FAST!" Ok - yes - we fast the first Sunday of the month - good answer. What else should we do? "FAST!" She just really likes fasting for some reason. So we are excited to actually teach fasting tomorrow. Her little friends learn with us too - they are hilarious. When we ask them to read a scripture, they all read it together - very loudly and with a beat. We just try really hard not to laugh. We figure it is a good thing - all the neighbors can hear the word of God whether they want to or not. It is also really funny because the grandpa is OBSESSED with making sure that we have a glass full of ice and Pepsi. The lesson will be going along and it will get interrupted because our ice has melted a tiny bit and he has to make sure the cup is full. He is a great guy but we are really sick of the ice interrupting the lesson. :-) We are excited for her baptism. She is too - she tells everyone her baptismal date. We are trying to get the mom of the other two girls interested - she said that she is going to come to the baptism. We had a really good showing at church yesterday - 8 people. Do you remember Laa? We have only taught her once because then she left town. She is back now and came to church yesterday. She is adorable. We are excited to teach her again. The elders love her too so there shouldn't be a problem when they pick her up after we leave. She is the one that is a referral from America and is trying to get back to America. We are trying to help with that. We also had Lek - a 19 year old investigator who wandered into church last week. She only went to RS but that is a step in the right direction. In RS we somehow got roped into a musical number - the teacher wanted to sing some random song about every man being free to choose and it isn't in the hymnbook so we got to sing it for everyone. It was completely random and really funny. Luckily our investigators were all there to watch us make idiots out of ourselves. Good times.

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