Sunday, September 5, 2010

When we pray we can ask questions

August 24, 2010
We were out inviting and stopped to rest because Sister Pet was a little wiped out. We are just sitting in front of someone's house and thought we would take a picture. That person came home while we were sitting there. It was pretty awkward.
We taught a new investigator named You. Yes that is really her name. Could lead to some confusion. Stick with me. We invited her forever ago and she has been hard to get a hold of but another one of those that we just felt we needed to keep trying. When we got there we started talking about prayer and we said that when we pray we can ask questions - like if there is a God. And she said "I want to know so bad! I want to know if He is real." She has had some spiritual experiences in the past and so is ridiculously open and pretty much already believes in God - just wants to make sure. She has a day off on Sundays :) We are excited about her. She is already asking for advice on how to share it with her family - they all made fun of her when she said that she was going to meet with us but she wants them to accept it. She talks like she is already a member. She was really cute. We are really excited about her.
We taught a really cool investigator named Book. She was awesome - this was the second time to teach her and she was like "why would God send us here if we lived with Him before and we were probably happy and then we have to come on this earth and have trials? We talked about it a lot. We weren't able to really satisfy her. She just didn't want to accept that it would be better after this life - but we are working on it. She was really sweet - she just really wants to know.
Thursday- We picked up Sister Pet and she officially moved back home.She isn't back to full speed working yet - Pres. Smith gave permission for us to leave her in theapartment alone. But it is fun to have her back around. We have officially forbidden her from speaking Thai with us - we are trying to get her ready to go to New Zealand. It is really funny. She hates English and says some really funny things. After we picked her up we took her straight to two appointments. We taught a new investigator named May - she is Christian and is really cute. Her husband is African though so if he ends up interested as well we have to give her to the international elders. Darnit. After that we went and taught a mother and daughter named Ice and Ooy. This was really cool because we invited them on my first day in Sriankarin. They have been hard to get a hold of and have canceled some appointments but there was always something pushing us to keep trying. They were really cool. It was a great first lesson and they committed to come to church next week. They were heading out of town for Ice's birthday so couldn't come last Sunday but they said they would come next week. They were just really cute - when we prayed Ooy said that she got goosebumps when we prayed. Yay! Spirit! So that was a good day - three new investigators.
It is a lovely Wednesday morning and I am sitting in my favorite internet cafe watching quite a large storm roll in. Quite fun. I forgive you all for not being at home. I guess you are all over the world - kind of fun that I am writing four people and two are in Ireland, one is in Puerto Rico, and one is in LOGAN . . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That is the scariest one because I am pretty sure that Carlie still needs a babysitter but now all of the sudden she lives on her own and does things by herself. That is weird มาก. (aka very weird). Anyways, I hope that are all having a great time in your respective hemispheres. Here in the Northeastern hemisphere, it rains an awful lot. But that is good because it has cooled down a little bit.
Love you all!
Sister Webb

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