Monday, December 13, 2010

See you next week!!

(Earlier baptism for Pim.)
December 12, 2010
So the really good news of the week is Boot. I already told most of you. She is incredible. Her baptism will be on Sunday! She is single and she has an American boyfriend who is coming to visit soon. So of course we were really worried about the law of chastity - shouldn't have worried. We taught it yesterday and there was no hesitation when she said she would keep it. She is really an incredible woman with a ton of faith. She has already finished the BOM - well before her baptism. She is a miracle. She just walked into church a little over a month ago and announced she wanted to join. There is a phrase in Preach My Gospel - it says Heavenly Father will help you find people who are prepared - "He will lead you to them or will lead them to you" or something along those lines. So true. Heavenly Father is really awesome, in case you were all wondering.
So what else to tell you... I must admit this week was pretty boring aside from Boot. Oh just kidding... we got a way sweet new investigator this week. Her name is Ja - We invited her and went back to teach her the next day and she is awesome. She works at some sort of Christian place - so she is really familiar with Christianity and even reads the New Testament every day. But she hasn't officially become Christian. Perfect. We taught her the Restoration and she was all over it. I am excited to teach her again this Wednesday. She will be my last lesson in Srinakarin. Weird.
I love this place -- it will be hard to leave. So far, I've just convinced myself I am staying for a really long time. But, next time I talk to you, it will be to your face! Yay! So anyways, let me take a moment and tell you all that I love your guts. And your faces. And everything about you. Get ready for some serious fun here in the land of smiles. And traffic. And heat. And people driving motorcycles with their two year old's hanging on for dear life. And delicious food. And really, really good pineapple. I hope you are excited. It will be a blast with me as your guide. Practice your Thai - you know lots of people that speak it. Hunt down some of my old companions or something. And practice your bowing. Don't worry. I will teach you how to do that.
I LOVE you. See you next week!
Sister Webb

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