Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The poster companionship for the church!

November 28, 2010
So this week was a lot of fun. Lots of different and interesting things to do here. First of all, Sister Eyestone is still sitting in the chair next to me. We are setting a record - 2 and a half moves together with out a threesome. We didn't get a new companion. We don't know what Pres. Smith is going to do when I finish - and apparently neither does he. We asked him and he said "I only know what I'm doing tomorrow. We'll cross that hurdle when we get there." So who knows.
After moves meeting was THANKSGIVING DINNER! Yay for Americans that live in Bangkok! Yay! It was amazing. We went to a family's house that lives in this super fancy neighborhood that everyone calls little America - you go in and everyone is white and driving around in cars that have the steering wheel on the left side. It is crazy. Pretty much all the white families that go to church in the international ward live in this neighborhood. We walked into the house and it was like America - little Americana decorations everywhere and everything that would make a house American. The dinner was American too -- and delicious! All the fixings of American food!! The family was adorable - the dad works for the embassy and they have four kids - one of which is attending BYU right now. It was really fun. I had a pretty embarassing moment at one point. The 16 year old daughter mentioned that she had to write an essay for school the next day (no Thanksgiving break in Thailand) and we asked her what it was about - she said Palm Oil farms in Indonesia. I heard Paul Moyle farms - like it was a person. So I wanted to know more about this Paul Moyle because I had never heard of him before. I asked if he was still alive. She looked really confused for a second and then her and the 13 year old boy started laughing really hard. Of course after that they had to tell everyone. By the end I had lost all credibility as someone who had a functioning brain. I couldn't convince them that I am really not an idiot. After that though, I was beginning to question that myself. So that was fun. Luckily the next day Sister Eyestone made a pretty big blunder herself - she answered the phone when the zone leaders called and said "Hi this is Sister Webb". So now we are both firmly in the spastic/idiotic range. Apparently we are so unified we have started to lose our individual identities. That is true unity. We should be a poster companionship for the church, if you ask me.

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