Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From light to dark

November 21, 2010
We did get a pretty cool new investigator this week - her name is Tuey and her daughter is Oom. We just met them inviting. We went back and taught them and they were pretty interested. We have a lot of brand new investigators right now - people that we have only taught once. We will see where they end up going. It is just really hard to get people progressing off an invite - you talk to them on the street for five seconds and they give you your number and then you show up and have all this stuff you want them to do and it isn't really what they were expecting. So it can be a little tougher to get them up and running. But some of them start moving. We will have to see.
We are having a grand old time running around and inviting streets that we have already invited 50 times. That happens when your area is the size of a pinprick. Sister Eyestone and I pretty much know each other backwards and forwards. I think I know more about her than I do about myself. She is a ton of fun. She is now officially my longest companion - she just outlasted Sister Meyers from the MTC. We figured it out and she has been my companion for 1/4 of my time in Thailand. I would LOVE it if she stayed with me ... we'll see.
So we had a great week here! We are excited about one of our investigators - Boot. I have mentioned her before. She wandered into the church a couple of weeks ago with one of her friends. She is doing really well. And really well is an understatement. We taught her last week and she said she couldn't come to church because she was going out of town. We were bummed but understood. Then she walked through the door yesterday - she postponed her vacation just so she could come to church. Then we taught her after church and she already has a rock solid testimony of the Book of Mormon - I asked her if she could feel a difference in her life from before and after reading it and she said it was like light and dark.
Well, I love you all to pieces. Really.
Sister Webb

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