Monday, September 27, 2010

I think this time she really IS golden. Have I said that before!?

Tabitha, Jill, and Marie -- formerly known as
Sister Richins, Sister Christensen, and Sister Livingston

September 27, 2010
สบายดีไหม? AKA How are you? This week was another interesting one. We are trying to rebuild our investigator pool. It tanked a couple of weeks ago, like I told you. This week we had a golden thrown into our laps, however. Her name is Nit. We call her Ma Nit. This time I think it is a real one. I know I say we find 'goldens' a lot and then you never hear about them again. Do you remember all those pass along card stories Sister Chambers and I would make up? I am sure this was one of those - one of our pass along cards found its way into her hands. Actually I don't even know where the pass along card came from. I am just glad that she ended up with it. We got a call from the Bangna sisters who said that the office had called them with a lady that had called from a pass along card. Turns out the office made a mistake and she lives in Srinakarin. So we get the referral. Let me tell you how often people call the number on the back of the pass along card. NEVER. This is the first time in my entire mission that I have gotten a referral like that from the office. So Sister Urisa calls and says - this lady wants you to call her right now. So I do. And I make an appointment with her, not realizing what I have just been given. She accepted a baptismal date faster than you could even imagine. She kept saying: "Can I just say something?" Then she would tell part of her story and how she knew that it was guidance from Heavenly Father and that she was so excited to be there and that she wanted to get baptized. It was crazy. I was kind of flabbergasted. Is that a word? Is that how you spell that word? I think so. She came to church yesterday which makes her an official baptismal dater! Yay! She loved church. We are also working with her family!
We had an epic week with Ma and Pa. We went to teach them on Saturday and ended up teaching for 3 1/2 hours. All their concerns came spilling out - how Ma is worried about being able to go to church because of Maeng, their grandson, and how Pa is still not sure he believes because he has some sort of health problem and he is praying but it isn't getting better. We pretty much just talked through their concerns - but most of it was just "your life won't ever be perfect - you won't ever not have any concerns. You just have to trust and go forward." We thought it ended in a good place but then they weren't at church yesterday. Huge bummer. We are going to drop them tonight - tell them that we will be here when they are ready ... But that we aren't going to teach them anymore. They broke my little heart, I tell you what. But anyways, we are putting them in God's and their own hands now - we have taught it all and given them all we've got. It is up to them now.

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