Sunday, September 5, 2010

That little squirt really wormed her way into my heart

Goodbye Sister Pet
Training Sister Eyestone from Orem, Utah

September 5, 2010
Hello my dear family! How are all of you doing this lovely day? As you all already know, I am sitting here with my ลูก! (AKA child). Training is an interesting adventure, I tell you what. So far we are having tons of fun. Right after she got here everyone decided to be busy so we have been inviting a lot. Yesterday was a really good inviting day - one lady let us in her house to talk to her and we got two phone numbers of people with families - one lady has FOUR kids. Jackpot. Hopefully they will actually let us come back. Inviting is different with a brand new missionary - it is mostly just me talking. Ok so it is all just me talking. So it is a lot harder. But I am working on it.
So more on my ลูก! (By the way, that is pronounced like Loog, if you wanted to say it out loud.) She is from Orem. She went to Mountain View High School and we graduated the same year. I have actually watched her play basketball - apparently Skyline played Mountain View in the State championships our senior year. And I was there watching and she was playing. So I have already seen her I just don't really remember. Skyline won that game. She is still a bit bitter about that but we have managed to be friends despite that bit of history :) She speaks Thai really well. She has five little sisters. How fun is that? Six kids and they are all girls and she is the oldest. She really is hilarious. We laugh a lot.
As for investigators. Ma and Pa: (By the way, their names are Ma Rujira and Pa Santi - we just call them Ma and Pa for short). They are doing AWESOME! They both came to church again yesterday, along with three grandsons. Ma wants to get baptized really soon. We think that we are going to be able to baptize them before she gets eye surgery. So if all goes well, that will be in the coming weeks. They both just kind of leaped forward in the past couple of weeks and are now ready and willing to get baptized. I know that Ma is fine with getting baptized with out the family - that won't be a problem. We are just waiting on the final word from her doctor on when the surgery will be. They are so adorable. They come to church and spend most of the time chasing their crazy grandson around. But they are there and adorable and all dressed up in their Sunday best! We are teaching them tonight. That will be fun.
Suki is still doing well. She couldn't come to church yesterday but we had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation with her last week. We were talking about living with families forever - I talked about Lauren, it was really cool. She recently lost a brother and her husband. And so we were both crying. She said that if she didn't have God to help, she couldn't do it - exactly how I feel. So that was really great.
Love you all!
Sister Webb

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