Sunday, September 5, 2010

"So I can just ask Heavenly Father if this is the right path?"

August 29, 2010
In case you have been counting, I have now explained 8 of the nine investigators at church. The last one's name is Saeng. She wandered into the church a couple weeks ago because she was curious. We have taught her a couple times now. She is very open but I wouldn't say she is on the fast track to baptism or anything like that. She is still more curious than anything. But she was at church yesterday! Huge step. We had a good lesson with her last week when we taught with the Bishop's wife. The Bishop's wife was awesome when Saeng came to church - she was all excited and went straight for her. Come to think of it, all the members were awesome yesterday. All of our investigators had friends. It was a great day. Another cool thing about church was that Suki and Daranee, two of our investigators, are now bosom buddies. Everyone thought that they are mother and daughter. They had never met before. They just really hit it off. They were tucked in a corner the whole day talking to each other about their life stories. Suki ended up taking Daranee home. So basically our investigators are fellowshipping our investigators. Pretty sweet.
We met with Suki - the woman that met us on a Song Taew and invited herself. We watched the Restoration DVD with her and talked about praying to find an answer and she started tearing up - she said "So I can just ask Heavenly Father if this is the right path?" Why yes. Yes you can. The member that was helping us teach was awesome - she told about when she got an answer about Joseph Smith - how it was at 2:00 am and she was all by herself and she was praying and suddenly she just knew. The member was crying, Suki was crying, it was all great. She was one of the millions of investigators at church yesterday. She is adorable. I really love her.
Well, my friends, it has been quite a week. I think I can honestly say that yesterday was the best day of my mission. To have two families at church and progressing and then some other surprise investigators and then to hear about the miracles that got them there. Amazing! We were giddy all day.

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