Monday, September 20, 2010

Week #50 in Thailand!!

September 20, 2010
Well, it was an interesting week, to be sure. It all started out with the alligator farm on Tuesday. Let me tell you - that was fun. We started by going to an alligator wrestling show. But the name was deceiving. There wasn't really any wrestling involved. They more just wandered around and dragged the alligators by their tails. So that wasn't that great. But then we went to an elephant show and the elephant came right up to us and we got to feed him peanuts and touch him and play with him. It was awesome. There were like 3 people there because it was a Tuesday in the middle of the day - that makes it nice. Then we went and fed crocodiles dead chickens on a string. That was the best part. I told you about it in the picture explanations. The price of admission was well worth it for just that. One elder found a dead fish next to a pond and picked it up and put it in a bag and fed it to the alligators. Weirdo. Then we took pictures with tigers and saw an albino alligator. Pretty sweet. After that we all went to lunch and ice cream. All in all a very fun p-day.
On Wednesday we discovered that one of our new investigators is going places in life. She accepted a baptismal date - practically committed herself. She has already read up to Jacob in the Book of Mormon. She is awesome. Her name is Kwan. But then she didn't come to church yesterday the little punk! We will have to figure out what happened on that one. But she is really sweet. She loves to say my name - she will say it before every sentence. She will be like "Sister Webb, I don't think I pray the right way. Sister Webb, are you coming today?" It is really funny. She can't remember Sister Eyestone's name because that one is a little harder so she just says mine. She is really cute. Just have to get her to church.
We got a sweet new investigator last night. We invited her on Saturday and we were introducing the BOM and we were like "we give it out for free" and she said "So what if I am interested?" I took that as a sign of interest. We went back and taught her last night. She is really cute. She lives in a tiny speck of a house with her husband and two young children. We couldn't get her husband to sit down. He was working - he fixes taxis so he was right outside and could hear the lesson I think but wouldn't sit down. She is a taxi driver - she drives from 4 am to 4 pm every day. Crazy. We went to teach and she was like "I want to know why Jesus died". That is a question a lot of people have - they see pictures of him on the cross and they know it is important but they aren't quite sure why. So we answered her question using the BOM. It was sweet. She really likes the BOM already. That was a good way to finish out the week.
Well I love you all dearly! Have a great week!
Sister Webb

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